K16 Body Temperature Scanner


First Line Biological Infection Defense

Exxcell Solutions continues to supply powerful yet flexible technology suitable for your business in the fight against Covid-19. InMetrics K16 keeps in line with Federal, State and Local regulations and guidance to ensure our customers conform to their industry’s best practices.

The development and implementation of these practices include social distancing, sanitation, disinfection of high-traffic areas and temperature checks. In order to monitor your workforce, customers and workplace visitors accurately, quickly and reliably best in breed technology should be employed.

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As businesses across the USA reopen during the grip of a global pandemic, keeping customers and employees safe has become a top priority for companies. Critical tools such as the InMetrics K16 temperature reader has become a critical tool in keeping work environments safe. This is done by quickly detecting whether someone has a fever. The stand-alone K16 kiosk is in line with the recommended social distancing rules and delivers accurate temperature measurements from a safe distance. There is no need to request customers to remove masks, glasses, protective face gear or hats.

The 3D thermal imaging camera and computer detect a face automatically and display the relevant body temperature. Visual and/or audible alerts notify staff immediately if someone is warmer or cooler than the preset temperature. Immediate results mean that people are able to move quickly through entry points, lobbies, or other vital locations.

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When it comes to buying Body Temperature Scanner Kiosk,look no further and count on Exxcell Solutions. We understand that the humanity is currently fighting against Covid-19 and this virus affects almost all industries. Thus, we aim to supply only the highest quality Temperature Screening Kiosk which is quite flexible for any kind of business. In order to monitor customers, visitors, and the whole workforce, you should never think twice and invest in Contactless Temperature Screening Kiosk. Exxcell Solutions has always delivered excellent products so you can reopen your business despite the global pandemic. We know that your goal is to guarantee your employees as well as all customers are safe, so it’s critical to order Contactless Temperature Screening Station for the safety of your work environment.

Our Temperature Screening Kiosk meets the top levels of standards as well as all the social distancing rules. You can always expect correct temperature measurements from a safe distance. Moreover, you don’t even have to ask your customers to take off their glasses, hats or masks. Due to the 3D thermal imaging camera and computer, a face will be detected easily and the body temperature will be measured. Our Contactless Temperature Screening Kiosk will immediately notify you if anyone with warmer temperature enters. For more details, simply to get in touch with us!

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InMetrics K16
Infrared Image Sensor Infrared Pixels 160*120                          
Detection Distance 0.75m-1.5m (2.5~5ft)
Angle of View 6.5mm(36°x28°)
Angular Resolution 3.8mrad
Frame Rate 50Hz
Measuring Range 20°C ~ 45°C / 68°F ~ 113°F
Accuracy ≤ ±0.5℃ / 0.9°F (After on-site calibration: ±0.3℃ / 0.5°F)
Thermal Sensitivity <80mK                                                                                
Image Sensor Camera 3D Camera x 1
CPU Qualcomm Octa-core processor, 1.8 GHz
Memory & Flash 2GB LPDDR3 RAM; 16 GB eMMC
Display 10.1 inch (1280*800)
Software OS Android 7.1
USB Type A USB2.0 x1
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, external antenna
Cellular Optional: 4G LTE
Relay Ultimate load 30V,1A,30W
Power DC input-12 V DC
Physical Dimensions 43.9cm*25.7cm*19.4cm, IP40
Environment Temperature Operating: 15°F to 122°F, for indoor only
Installation Desk Stand, Wall Mount, Floor Stand and customized mounting



Sample Accuracy

Our main priority is to accurately measure measuring temperature while moving people through quickly.
InMetrics provides a healthy and safe environment for employees and customers. By setting temperature thresholds and accurately measuring the temperatures of employees and visitors to your business, normal activity interruptions are minimized. While thermal cameras cannot detect Covid-19, they can detect elevated body temperatures. By using the same technology as facial recognition, InMetrics Solutions can; Detect elevated body temps, allow access control via facial recognition, read multiple people at the same time.  Advanced infrared image sensors mean InMetrics has an accuracy of ≤ 0.9°F (0.5°F after on-site calibration).

Data Repeatability

InMetrics K16 offers instant readings that keep traffic moving! By employing an advanced infrared camera which features high resolution 160×120 and 50Hz frame rates, the InMetrics K16 displays real-time infrared images, reading multiple people at a time. There is no need to remove face masks or hats as InMetrics K16 measures forehead temps. Calibration is made easy with no special backgrounds, backdrops or thermal constants needed while advanced infrared image sensors ensure unsurpassed accuracy.


Equipment Reliability

Quality commitment that you can trust. Trusted since 2001 to supply comprehensive M2M communications devices and cloud/edge IoT solutions, InMetrics is unrivaled in their solutions. With a commitment to quality including; ISO 901-2015, RoHS, CE, FCC, PTCRB and IC certifications and with 19 years of innovative IoL technologies and free global technical support, your business will always be ahead in the most efficient Covid safety solutions.


Easy Installation

InMetrics K16 integrates Plug and Play Technology No IT integration is required when using InMetrics K16 solutions. Out of the box, K16 has a standard desktop stand with an easily adjustable 90 degree screen that fits for various onsite scenarios. InMetrics’ digital relay output connects to a relevant alarm, beacon and other sites making sure you are always in control.


Auxiliary Signals

Best in Breed Technology! With and ARM Cortex-A53 Octa-core,1.8 GHz processor, 10.1” touchscreen (HD1280x800), built-in 3D camera and built-in Wi-Fi the InMetrics K16 is best in breed technology. Built to withstand even the harshest environments, the fanless design handles a wide temperature range (15F to 122F). For customers who require cellular connectivity, the IR11 with Wi-Fi allows you to have your own network and high speed Cat-6 LTE

Historical Data Storage

Real-Time Data Solutions InMetrics Solutions uses real-time data recording sending you automatic email notification on over temperature readings. Customizable temperature thresholds are relayed with instantaneous “proceed / wait” verbal feedback to customers and employees. Screen casting allows employees to monitor those entering your premises from a safe distance, minimizing the risk of Covid-19 contraction. Full Android based API supports function expansion and integration with, cloud back up and 3rd party Building Management Systems offering seamless integration.


User Manual/Quick Guide
InMetrics K16 APK Version Update log Download
Upgrade guide of Metrics V1.9 APK to V2.11 APK and above Download
InMetrics Scanner App 2.12.r12 Download
InHand InMetrics K16 Quick Guide V2.5 Download
InHand InMetrics K16 Quick Guide V2.4 Download
Product Flyer
InMetrics K16 & LTE Bundle Download



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